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Create lasting change by recognizing patterns

Pattern recognition is something first introduced to us early in elementary school. I never thought that the simple idea of noticing a pattern would be so influential in creating lasting change. If you have tried to create a new habit, for example going to bed earlier, but always find yourself back to your ‘current norm’ then you have an issue creating lasting habits. Patterns, if not consciously addressed, will naturally repeat– creating the feeling of coasting through life.

To some, it seems we are conditioned to live life on auto pilot. So much of our daily life is happening on a repetitive, unconscious level. If you want to create lasting change it takes consistent effort, even through all the trial and error. BUT, I can assure you that a life filled with experimentation, failures, successes, and everything in between will be more satisfying & more impactful than one lived on autopilot.

If you are anything like me, you have wanted to make a change, put in the effort, and inevitably fallen back to your old ways. It happens with workouts, meditation, sleeping habits, etc. In the timeline of creating change, no matter what it is, you will likely find some level of success followed by some type of fallback. It is the ones that continue to fail and try again that find consistent success over time. Through my trials I have noticed the importance of recognizing patterns. The sooner I recognize a pattern is negatively affecting my ability to create lasting change, the sooner I can work to implement new behaviors. As with all personal development, I recognize this is easier said than done. But it is so true. Lasting change begins with recognizing patterns that are keeping you in a repetitive loop.

Some tips to harness your ability to notice patterns that hold you back:

· ALWAYS be brutally honest with yourself.

· Listen to your feelings & intuition.

· Notice a repetitive pattern? Ask yourself “what is my role in this”.

· Meditate daily. Mindfulness practice helps us recognize there is separation between mind & body.

Sometimes they are simple. Like, recognizing that you are mindlessly on your phone in bed for thirty minutes every night, while at the same time trying to improve your quality of sleep. Other times, they are more complex and rooted deep in our lifestyle and learned behaviors. Regardless of the complexity, the first step in changing is the awareness of the pattern that is holding you back. From here, we can work to implement new habits to create lasting change. For a deeper dive on pattern recognition, building habits, and creating the life you want to live I highly recommend the book Atomic Habits - “An easy & proven way to build good habits & break bad ones”

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Be well, Frederick


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