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The Squadstyle Team


Hannah King

Owner & Operator at Squadstyle

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Born and raised in Germany, I embarked on an incredible journey that led me to Maryland through an Au Pair program. Being away from home allowed me to discover my true passion for health and wellness. Inspired by the incredible responses I received while sharing my own health journey, I founded Squadstyle. My mission? To make women feel comfortable & confident in the gym and expand on their healthy habits for a happier & healthier life. What began as a personal training business in my 2-car garage quickly blossomed into a bustling hub of activity.

As a self-employed trainer, I recognized the need for a shared space where like-minded professionals could thrive. This realization paved the way for Squadstyle Work & Wellness — a place for entrepreneurs and healthy humans. We all deserve a supportive environment to boost productivity, fuel personal and professional growth, and connect with a community that understands our journey.

Our community is expanding rapidly, and I'm thrilled to witness its growth. I am committed to continually evolving the Squadstyle brand to better support business owners and their pursuit of a harmonious work-life balance. We're all on our individual journeys but together, in Squadstyle.


Jimmy King

Wellness Consultant at Squadstyle

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Jimmy grew up in Frederick and has worked in the health & wellness industry for 15 years. Working jobs from Front Desk to General manager and almost everything in between.


Alongside some other jobs, Jimmy keeps our gym top notch and helps our members get connected with everything we offer. From onboarding new members to being a continued resource for success in the space.

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