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Owner Squadstyle & 

Lifestyle Coach

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I grew up in Germany and first came to Maryland through an Au Pair program. Being away from home helped me step into my passion of health & wellness. I received amazing responses when I started sharing my own health journey which inspired me to start my company, Squadstyle. My goal was to help women implement healthy habits for a happy & healthy life. 


I "expanded" into our 2-car garage and it didn't take long for my schedule to be filled. At the same time I started connecting with other trainers in the area and helped them with action steps to working for themselves. There seems to be a big trend of health professionals opening their own business. 

Corporate gyms have a huge lack in privacy, unfair pay, and just a small break room, if even. We wanted to create a workspace where trainers can do all their administrative work as well as train their clients in a professional, non-competitive, and private environment. 


All our market research, commercial lease searching, and financial planning led us down the path of the Coworking Industry. It was that ‘light bulb’ moment for us. 


OF COURSE we should open for everyone, not just Personal Trainers. So, we shifted the business model and planned for a space that could make a healthy lifestyle convenient for everyone. With work and wellness at the forefront we signed the lease and started building Squadstyle. 


With this combination, Health Professionals would finally have the space and resources to do all the work OFF the fitness floor (programming, outreach, social media management, content creation, etc.) And, at the same time, working professionals in other industries would have an alternative to working from home that included access to a productive work environment and an entire private gym.  


We are excited to see our community growing so rapidly. We will continue supporting young business owners and positioning the brand to be the ultimate resource for all things work-life balance. ​



Gym Manager &
Squadstyle Ambassador

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Jimmy grew up in Frederick and has worked in the health & wellness industry for 15 years. Working jobs from Front Desk to General manager and almost everything in between.


Alongside some other jobs, Jimmy keeps our gym top notch and helps our members get connected with everything the studio offers. From onboarding new members to being a continued resource for success in the space.


to help you implement sustainable healthy habits, so that you can live a fulfilling life.


by offering wellness consulting and a community operated space for 
work & wellness.

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