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Member Highlight: Stacy Luckey

Hi! I'm Stacy Luckey, a trauma informed breathwork facilitator and certified mind-body coach with Breath Reborn.

As an anxious ADHDer on a personal healing journey, I’ve been able to use the power of my own breath to go from hiding under the covers, to taking up space in this big, beautiful world. When I'm not helping others harness the power of their breath, I enjoy karaoke-ing and am rediscovering my passion for creative writing. 

I am excited to help you discover the power of your breath and watch you step into the person you’ve been dreaming about.

Stacy's #1 Tip to Be Well:

"Try this 5 min Guided Breathwork Audio everyday for the next 30-days to enhance your mood, reduce stress & anxiety, improve the quality of your sleep & reduce physiological arousal (or the heightened state of the nervous system)."


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