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Member Highlight: Katie Hanna


I'm Katie Hanna, Owner & CEO of Details Matter Bookkeeping & Advisory. I am a Certified Bookkeeper and QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor. My firm helps small businesses grow! We do that by of course taking care of the monthly bookkeeping tasks, but my focus has always been on education. I want to make sure that my clients can easily read and understand their financial statements, so they can actually do something with this essential information.

Outside of work, I share Hannah's love of houseplants. I also love playing video or board games with my daughter and husband. And I have 2 dogs, Rufio & Akali, who are not very happy that I've decided to cowork some of the time hahaha.

I'm new to the squadstyle family, but you'll usually see me working at one of the desks or in the gym training with Hannah.

Katie's #1 Tip to Be Well:

It's ok to unplug or set boundaries with your email. Turn off the notifications! You'll check it when you're ready to check it.


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