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Why we chose a Coworking/Community Space?

The SL Studio is always growing and evolving around your needs so that your health and happiness become non negotiable simply by

being in this environment. A beautiful, modern workspace blended with a private gym and all resources you use in your every day healthy lifestyle.

We (my husband, Jimmy, and I) get asked a lot how we came up with the idea of a coworking space merging work with wellness. It's always a tough questions because the idea didn't just pop into our heads but was more so coming to life through our lifestyle, preferences, and passions.

The first inspiration came from Artform...

we learned: a private gym where trainers can run and grow their own business is SICK!


Looking back at 2019, I was a nanny watching 3 adorable little boys while also going to college and studying exercise science. I thought about the next step in my career and found Artform Athletics through a friend. Artform is a private training studio in Rockville that also included a painting studio. The owner, Quinn, is an amazing artist and he would also display his paintings throughout the space.

I loved Artform because it gave me a chance to slowly transition my online coaching to in-person training. Instead of being an employee, I was able to run my own business and I would be charged based on how many hours I used the gym with my clients.

The owner and all other trainers were so kind, supportive, and hard-working. I absolutely loved it there but when I moved to Frederick I was looking for ways I could move the business from the Rockville area to Frederick.

Moving to Frederick and our Home Gym...


I was determined not to work for a corporate gym knowing it's a rip off for trainers. It was tough figuring out where I could run my own business without being employed by a gym or training studio. I am very lucky that my in-laws are absolutely angels who have always supported me and who allowed for Jimmy and me to transform their two-car garage into a private training studio. We had a sweet set-up and Squadstyle was THRIVING! I was fully booked and loved helping others establish a healthy lifestyle.

I was passionate to help other independent trainers grow their own brand and accomplish the same so I started to onboard trainers. I would teach them step-by-step how to find clients, close them, and keep them, how to run their business and track data efficiently. On top of that I started letting other trainers rent out the garage gym at an hourly cost to use with their clients.

During the pandemic we shifted our model slightly and opened up the hourly spots for individuals and trainers to workout themselves. - Always be open to adapt and see the good things!

At that time we were already looking at commercial spaces. The idea was to take our garage gym concept and follow through on a larger scale.

Corporate gyms have a huge lack in privacy and just a small break room, if even. We wanted to create a workspace where trainers can do all their administrative work as well as train their clients in a professional, non-competitive, and private environment.

The pandemic opened up our eyes that it's not just health professionals that need a workspace but also other industries and people who work remotely or in a hybrid model. We adapted to the needs and instead of offering a workspace for trainers only, we pivoted to a space that is for anyone wanting to be inspired by a healthy lifestyle.


Today I look back and I am so grateful of everyone I crossed paths with and who had an impact on my journey. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by people who push me to become the best version of myself and it is my mission to help YOU do the same!

Until next time!


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