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Squadstyle Lifestyle Origin & Meaning

I grew up in Germany and danced professionally for most of my life. I was in shape and didn't think further about health besides wanting to look good.

When I moved to the US in 2015 I stopped dancing and explored the American lifestyle and food. I started to feel weak with no stamina, poor sleep, and extra weight. That was the turning point of my life & career. I explored what it means to live a healthy lifestyle and was excited to share the results with others so they could accomplish the same.

I created the Facebook group Squadstyle Lifestyle in 2017 and was inspired to help just 1 person establish a healthy lifestyle & learn what that means. Little did I know it was becoming my mission to help others live healthy & be happy.

How did I come up with the name Squadstyle Lifestyle?

I chose 'Squadstyle' because I despise how people are told to live healthier and then are left alone with no accountability and guidance. I am here to change the game and support my Squad of likeminded women to be their best self and learn what it means to live healthy & be happy. No one should go alone through their health journey and I feel grateful to have an impact on the people around me!

'Lifestyle' comes from my passion to help quit fad diets & quick fixes and rather create a way of living that one could maintain for the rest of their life. I'm using all my resources and my network to help people create healthy habits and explore their purpose & motivation behind living a healthy lifestyle.



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