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Member Highlight: Jason Cline

Hi I'm Jason Cline. I have been working as a professional photographer, director of photography (video), and lighting technician since 2013. My journey started in shooting mountain bike races while I was going to Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. I was also providing photography and video services for Kutztown University while I was a student and after graduating.

Upon graduation, I worked full time for Upstage Video out of Pottstown, PA for 1 year. After leaving my full time position, I continued working as a contractor with Upstage while I built my photography and video portfolio.

In 2016 I moved to Philadelphia to continue my work in a larger market. In Philadelphia I found the magic of film and commercial video and photography production on a scale I had not been exposed to previously. I instantly fell in love and became extremely motivated and committed to move 'up the ladder' in this new, exciting, mysterious world.

Move up the ladder I did, through the lighting department. Learning as much as possible from people who are way better at their work than me, soaking up information like a sponge. Dedication is key, as every job was a new test to show your skills, and learn in an extremely competitive environment.

Fast forward to COVID-19. No work was available, independent contractors without an LLC (my fault) fell through the cracks of a lot of government benefits, and worst of all, I realized how much my own wellness was suffering from 'the grind'.

I took the pandemic as an opportunity to change as much of those factors as I could. I created an LLC for my business, found a job that could support me until work came back, rode my bike more than ever, and started to put more of a focus on my own wellness.

That revision of my lifestyle made me realize that I was not in a place that supported what I needed, which was a sense of community, support from others, and meaningful relationships, professional or not.

Then, I met my now husband, who showed me the wonderful world of Frederick. Still very much in pandemic times, I moved to the area and started to see how I could implement my skills and knowledge from my past.

Lockhouse Studios was born. I felt that a 'hub' of visual media production was missing from Frederick, as well as a space that fosters growth for other photographers and video professionals. That is exactly what Lockhouse Studios is meant to be, a centralized place that houses resources, information, gear, and space that creatives can use to execute their projects. We also provide photography and video services for commercial and product applications, customized for each client and brand. Relationships with clients are our biggest asset, as it leads to the most collaborative environment and best results when we can communicate clearly. We are the place to elevate your creative productions.

Jason's #1 Tip to Be Well:

Focus on the positive elements of life, and nurture them!



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