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Member Highlight: George Bolden

My name is George Bolden III also known as Coach G. I have been certified and working as a personal trainer since 2015.

I first was introduced to the weight room in the 8th grade during football strength training. I developed a love and passion for the weight room right away. The constant challenge and growth kept me wanting to explore more into this industry and help others the way it has helped me.

Through out high school, I enjoyed leading as well as demonstrating work outs for my football teammates. After high school, I learned that I wanted to make personal training into a career. I have worked for several commercial gyms before going independent in 2020.

When working with clients, the first thing I like to address are past injuries and muscle imbalances that may affect their movements. I strive to make my clients strong while keeping them pain free. Over the years, I have taken the time to study my passion to increase my knowledge with the most up to date research to support my clients and their goals.

I am passionate and dedicated to the fitness industry, as well as the clients that I get to work with. I enjoy showing my clients what they are capable of when equipped with the correct tools along with a solid routine.

George's #1 Tip to Be Well:

Kids should not be an excuse to buy junk food. If its not good for you, then it is not good for them!


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