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Time Hack! Learn during your 'in-between' moments

Learning during your in between moments is one of the most impactful time hacks for productivity. The idea of ‘in between’ moments is different than multi-tasking. Brain science has taught us that it is quite literally impossible to focus on more than one thing at a time (so stop trying to multi-task). Rather, we can add focused learning during a more mindless task like cleaning, commuting, or working out. All three of those are examples of times that people typically listen to music or operate in silence. If you are on the path of personal development, you should start to recognize those times as ideal opportunities to learn. Throw your headphones in and listen to a book on audible or find a podcast. Both of those are ways we can add learning into our in-between moments.

Tom Bilyeu is one of the Founders of Quest nutrition, which grew to be a billion-dollar company in about 5 years. He is also the host of Impact Theory, one of the best recommendations I can make for diving into the world of personal development. Not only does he bring on entertaining & educational guests, but he is able to get them to explain high level ideas & concepts in a relatable & understandable way.

One thing Tom talks about is the importance of consistent learning. He says things like “ideas in equal ideas out” & this becomes a common theme with all the successful individuals he brings on the podcast. They all value learning. When I started using my “in between moments” to learn my life changed. I got the idea from Tom, who says he is ALWAYS learning. If his headphones are in he is likely listening to a podcast, reading a book (listening on audible), or diving into another educational platform. He goes as far as saying that even when brushing his teeth his headphones are in and he is learning something. You do not need to go to that extreme, but the lesson is accurate – we can all find time in our current schedule to learn & do something new.

For me, that was the exact spark I needed. I had never been a big music fan, so it was simple for me to replace my random music during a workout with a meaningful podcast. I immediately added about 5 hours of learning to my week just by having a podcast on during my workouts. From there, I was encouraged to listen to books on audible. I was still commuting for work at the time (not anymore, hallelujah), but there was another 2 hours per day that I was able to introduce new concepts, ideas, and learning into my day. Without making any major change in my lifestyle I was able to find 15 hours per week to improve my life & come more in alignment with the person I want to be.

The most important thing with personal development is action! You must do something different in order to be different. You can listen to all the advice, go to all the seminars, and read all the books – but change comes from action. Start small, celebrate the little wins, and consistently practice what helps you to become a healthier & happier person.

Enjoy the journey, friends!


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