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Collaboration, not Competition

We purposely created a space that helps to prioritize

personal wellness in order to achieve more at work

and in life. By merging work with wellness we created

a holistic space for remote workers, but also for

Personal Trainers and Health Professionals to run their

own business.

- Hannah King (SL Studio Owner)

Frederick is full of people, places, and resources to help you succeed – both as an individual and a business. Since opening in 2021 we have found nothing but love & support from this town. The best part is that this feeling is not unique to us. People & businesses consistently shout out the welcoming supportive vibes of Frederick County.

When explaining that "part of our coworking model includes a gym that allows personal trainers to run their own business" a logical question is “how do you plan on handling competition

Since day one we knew the importance of creating a community around collaboration, not competition. Fostering an environment that encourages independent businesses to operate together is one of the many reasons self employed health professionals are choosing to work from SL Studio. We have a culture built from a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset.

Living from a growth mindset helps us recognize that life is abundant. That means you can see the potential in yourself, and everyone around you. As a result, you intentionally drive yourself toward creating the life you want. Abundance also means that you understand there is plenty for everyone. Buying into this mindset shatters the insecurities of competition in the workplace. Something powerful happens when you surround yourself with people who genuinely want to see you succeed because they too are on their own journey of personal development.

As remote work continues to expand it is encouraging to know that Frederick is ready with the people, places, and resources to help. Although today we are called a ‘coworking space’…we aim to create more of a social club designed for productive work and personal development. Because life is so much more than what you do for work.

Be Well, Frederick



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