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Squadstyle Work & Wellness voted to Fredericks Top 50 Most Innovative Businesses

Designed for productive work & healthy habits. A locally owned coworking office is making work life balance accessible for anyone!

Squadstyle Work & Wellness was named one of Frederick, MD's Top 50 Most Innovative Businesses!

We are thrilled to be recognized for our unique business model, which combines coworking amenities and a gym with other wellness resources to inspire taking action on your health and happiness.

Squadstyle Work & Wellness is a coworking space for remote workers, entrepreneurs, and health enthusiasts. A first of its kind coworking space to prioritize personal development and make work-life balance accessible & convenient.

Over the past few years we have seen a rapid increase in remote workers and self-employed health professionals. Our innovation lies in the combination of features from the coworking industry with features from the fitness industry. The outcome? A community space that solves the problem of disruptive work environments and diminished work-life balance.

Personal Trainers & Health Coaches - no more traveling or training from your home. Client based business are welcome at Squadstyle. Picture a day using the gym for training clients & the wellness room for consultations, plus a quite office space for admin work.

We know an improved quality of life is all about daily habits. Squadstyle combines all the necessary resources for members to practice implementing healthy habits into their workday.

One of our goals is to help you redefine what work looks like, the environment in which it happens, and the relationship between work and wellness. We offer a new experience to remote workers, personal trainers, and health coaches. A modern workspace that fosters productivity, growth, & collaboration while also including access to a gym and other wellness resources. Think of us as your workspace, gym, & social club. Because life is so much more than what you do for work.

Share this with anyone working remote who could use a healthy, supportive community! Have your own personal training, wellness, or coaching company? Squadstyle is a must see for your business level up.

We offer memberships that fit any schedule. Typically, first time visitors come in for a day pass to explore a day of work & wellness. Come check out this local gem - we are here to help!


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