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It's like working from home, but better.

“Working from home is here to stay, at least in some capacity”

I have heard that statement so many times while meeting with people over the past year who are considering a coworking membership. IT Professionals, Logistic Managers, Accountants, Marketers, and employees in so many different industries have voiced to me that they would now choose remote work over working in the office.

I personally agree – I can not see myself working a W2 type job that requires me to go into an office. The ability to work remote and design my day around what works best for ME is absolute key to living the life I want to live. Culturally, it seems we are living through a shift in how people chose to live and work. Work is a big part of life; but the old way of having to commute to an office, work 9am-5pm, and commute back just does not work. For many, it is inefficient, unproductive, and damaging to our mental & physical health.

The past two years have felt like the honeymoon phase of a romantic relationship. Everything about working from home felt fresh, new, and exciting – tough to find something negative. Working in comfy clothes, cuddling pets all day, and eating all the snacks. What could be better?

As we learned to be productive while enjoying the comforts of working from home, I think we drifted out of the honeymoon phase. We started noticing things we used to overlook that could be damaging if not addressed. Things like… Why does it seem like I’m working ALL THE TIME? How many trips to the fridge have I made since breakfast? Why wont the dog stop barking? Where is my privacy!?

We realized working from home isn’t perfect but were committed. Just because there are some negatives doesn’t mean the relationship is over – it’s time to evolve! The coworking industry is continuing to grow and offer unique ways to support remote workers. I think we will see more coworking options available, each with its own benefits & culture.

Here are some of the top benefits we have heard from fellow coworkers:

  • Distraction Free: It gets frustrating to work form home and feel pulled in multiple directions all day. In a coworking space people respect your privacy but are there to support and interact when you want.

  • Limited Temptations: Most coworking spaces do not have TV’s or comfortable beds to lounge from all day. Plus, being walking distance to a fridge and pantry full of snacks is its own challenge!

  • Feeling inspired & creative: Working alone at home gets boring quick. The ability to switch up environments and feel inspired by others productivity is a magical benefit of coworking.

  • Better internet & other office resources: Well, this one may be obvious. Coworking offices must have great internet. Coworkers get to experience high speed internet, Wi-Fi printing, and other office amenities. Plus, most have free coffee!

  • Better Work Life Balance: A common problem with working remote is creating boundaries. So many of us have fallen into a routine that makes it difficult to separate business from home. This effects our sleep, our productivity, and our overall happiness. By setting up at a coworking office you can better separate work from home and start to enjoy a healthier work life balance.

If you have a job that allows you to work remote, I highly suggest trying out a day at a coworking office. It feels good to get out of the house, mingle with others, and find some distraction free work time.

Let us know what amenities or resources you think are essential for working at a coworking space!



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