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We are proud to announce our newest Community Partner - Wander Hemp Co

In Person: 27 South Market Street. Frederick, MD

Hannah and I first met Chuck, the owner of Wander, through mutual friends in 2019 during the ‘start-up’ phase of their CBD venture. We immediately connected with his friendly, helpful, laid back personality. Chuck and everyone on the Wander team have become our friends. We go to their shop for the experience, not just the wonderful products.

On the business side, we relate to their mission and are aligned with helping the community live healthier & thrive together. Their philosophy of always doing the right thing is what we believe successful business and life is all about. A quote from their website reads:

“We’re guided by the philosophy of always doing the right thing. It may sound simple, but simple is not always easy. The right thing can be challenging to accomplish. It usually takes more time and resources, but we hold ourselves to a pretty high standard. At Wander, we aim to do the right thing by our customers and everyone in our family from partners to employees. Every conversation, every transaction, and every product is the embodiment of our commitment to doing the right thing.”

How could you not want to support a mission like that from a small business in Frederick!?

The other great thing about Wander Hemp Co? The actual products! We are not the CBD experts, but we have experienced the benefits of this natural medicine firsthand & so has our dog.

Our TWO favorite products:

1| Pet CBD tincture. Rose had knee surgery a little over one-year ago and we feel so grateful for the Pet CBD oil from Wander. Not only has it helped the recovery through its anti-inflammatory benefits, but we have been able to use less pharmaceutical medicine, which saved us money AND is healthier long term.

2| Honeysuckle Massage Oil. WOW. Not only does it smell amazing, but it is also just the perfect massage oil – not too heavy, does not leave skin oily, and is not expensive! As part of our nightly routine Hannah and I massage each other for anywhere between 3-10min (highly recommend for you and your partner). It is a great way for us to connect at the end of each night and there is not much better than a great night sleep immediately after a massage. Adding the Wander Massage Oil was a game changer for our nightly routine.

The Partnership:

- Samples of the All-Purpose Oil in the café (we love adding it to the morning coffee)

- Minty Healing Balm that is a great topical cream for sore/achy muscles.

- SL Studio members receive a discount on ALL Wander products in the store and online.

Check out the website ( or their physical shop (27 South Market St. Frederick, MD) for all the hemp help!


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