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Kayla Barnes Fitness meets SL Studio

Kayla recently shared a wonderful article with her audience. She is talking about her experience in the fitness world and all the emotions coming up when joining the coworking community. Enjoy the read:

What's Up Fit Fam?!?

Guys! I haven't worked in a space with other people in a long time. Ok, ok, so only 1 year but still- that's a long time. Especially when you've become so used to working by yourself, alone, in your home. ALONE. Did I mention Alone! haha Story time. When I started as a trainer, I worked at a big box gym. This gym had at least 500 people enter the building at a time each day and on staff we had 25 trainers! I was used to having a lot of people around me all of the time. It was so nice because as a new trainer I had 24 other professionals that I trusted that I could turn to for guidance and support. It was awesome and I still feel so blessed to have been a part of that environment. Then I go from a huge couple thousand member gym to a much smaller boutique gym that maybe had 500 members by the time I left. One room gym and 3 trainers on staff at the most. This was a huge difference and change for me. At the first spot, I had a "break room" that was designated only for employees. I had specific offices to take my clients too if need be. At my second location- we shared an office between at most 5 of us. This one room office was our break room, it was our office and our consultation room. Such a different atmosphere from the first place I worked at right. 🏃‍♀️I think I am quick on my feet and able to adapt to my surroundings pretty quickly. You learn how to figure it out. Ok, so I was in this one room, one office gym for 5 years. That was my life. That was what I was used to. Sad to say right. So then imagine how different it was for me to get used to working from home when I left. Now instead of constantly being around other people I was home, all day, alone. (please make note that I am not by any means complaining about my situation- I am so happy I left that gym- just FYI. Just sharing my story and this is part of it.) Ok. So why does this backstory matter. I'm getting to it! So a couple months into my new business and working from home, I was approached by a person who had just opened up a pretty cool Co-Working space in Frederick Md. At the time, I didn't really understand what that meant and how it would be useful for me and my business and my clients. I kindly disregarded his attempt at getting me into the studio. Fast forward, I was approached again by the same co-working studio and at this point I was like, ok I'll come check it out, this could be cool. And AM I SO GLAD THAT I DID! Once I got to the space and I saw it and understood the vision and the need for it- IT MADE SO MUCH SENSE. At least for me and my business. That place- oh yeah, you're probably wondering what this fabulous place is called. haha SL Studio! Now- when I was considering this spot to be my new "office" I definitely had some anxiety about it. I've grown so comfortable and used to being alone, and doing my own thing, that the thought of having to be around other people gave me massive anxiety. Now I have to be courteous of others? Like gah! 😱🤷‍♀️ I have to pack my food now! Ugh this just seems like so much work. 😫 I have to pay you to do my work from your space? I was doing the same thing at my house for free! Why would I do this? 🤯 🤷‍♀️Right. Normal anxiety driven thoughts. So after I had came to the office and spoke with the amazing owners, Hannah and her husband Jimmy, I shut down. Like full on anxiety panic attack. And once I came to my senses and was able to calmly think through the situation, I realized how amazing this opportunity was and would be for me as a person, as well as for me and my business. The increase in the ways in which I can support and serve my clients. It turned out to be a NO BRAINER! So Idk about you- but again- this is the first time I have used a co-working space and it has definitely taken some time to get used to and I want to share some tips and tricks on how to best acclimate yourself in any new work environment. 1. YOU DESERVE TO BE HERE- LIKE ANYONE ELSE. When I first started to work from the SL Studio, I felt this anxiety of not feeling like I belonged here. That I didn't deserve to be here. How silly is that? I am paying my membership just like everyone else. My work matters. I am important and I am purposeful and worth it! I deserve to be here too. Own it and do what you have to do! Don't be afraid! 2. BE RESPECTFUL TO OTHERS. This should go without saying, but I think sometimes we need to say it anyway. Hopefully your parents raised you well enough to know how to share, be courteous of others' space and time, to be mindful of your surroundings and be a nice human being. Here are some tips on how to do this: 1. Wear headphones when taking phone call or zoom conversations 2. At the Studio- they have private offices and a phone booth you can use for meetings. Take your longer calls and or meetings from those locations if you can. 3. Be mindful of the food you bring to a working space. Don't be that guy that brings fish! haha 4. Clean up after yourself. 5. Use an inside voice when having conversations. 6. Be respectful of others' time. Ask questions such as: Is this a good time? etc. 7. Help out around the co-working space when needed. Treat it like your own home- or BETTER! 8. Chew your food with your mouth closed! haha (story for another time) 3. BE YOURSELF. Be yourself and you'll be just fine. This is an amazing opportunity especially for me to grow and learn from other people. I feel like the best person to be in any situation is to be yourself. Allow people to get to know you and be open to new possibilities. If they like you- great, if they don't that's ok. Don't let anyone or anything dim your light. Because you're amazing just the way you are. If you're looking for a great, friendly, healthy working environment where you actually look forward to go to the "office" everyday and have the luxury of working from wherever you want.... I encourage you to check out SL Studio. Come on by and I personally would love to give you a tour. Did I mention we have a studio doggo named Rose that provides motivational kisses in between sets! haha As well as a private STUDIO GYM! Yeah! Pretty sick huh! Come check it out. And stay tuned for more of The Co-Working Chronicles!

*written Kayla Barnes


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