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One Pan Chicken Stir Fry

Planning your meal prep for the week? Save time with this simple, oven baked chicken stir fry.

When I plan a meal prep for the week it typically involves two or three different meals & I am prepping for two people. Sometimes I rely on “one pot” or “one pan” meals to simplify the prep and be able to spend more time on another dish.

This one pan chicken stir fry is another simple meal prep option that lasts all week!

For this week I used sweet potatoes as the base. A simple alternative is to leave the sweet potatoes out, and instead serve with rice

Ingredients: for about 6 meals

- 36 ounces chicken breast (2 ¼ lbs)

- 3 medium-large sweet potatoes

- 1-2 head of broccoli

- 4 carrots

- 4 peppers

- 1 red onion

- Avocado oil

- Salt & pepper

- Smoked paprika

- Optional sauce

* teriyaki or garlic ginger soy go great with this dish. Just watch out for unnecessary added sugars or oils in any sauce.

This should all fit well on one oven pan & yield 6 meals. Multiply for how many you’ll need!

Steps to take (this one really is simple)

- Pre-heat oven to 420°

- Peel & cut the sweet potatoes into cubes

- Prepare & cut all the vegetables

- Season the chicken w/ avocado oil, salt, pepper & smoked paprika then cut into medium cubes

- Toss the chopped vegetables and potatoes directly on the baking sheet. Season with avocado oil, salt & pepper

- Place the chicken breast on top of the vegetables

o Bake (420°f) until chicken is done & potatoes are soft. Typically, about 30min

o I use a meat thermometer & remove from oven when chicken is at 155°

- Mix halfway through & back in the oven to finish cooking. This is the time to add your teriyaki or other sauce.

Pack them for the week

Inside of each glass container:

- Scoop 1 ½ cup mixture into each container

- Aim for 6 ounces of chicken per meal

Another option is to cook the chicken separate in

order to be more accurate if counting calories or

trying to hit a specific number. I just threw it all on

one pan & eye balled my chicken portions.

Nothin’ fancy with this one – just a simple healthy meal prep. Let me know how yours turned out!


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