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Is sitting the new smoking?!

Is sitting the new smoking? Are standing desks the cure to obesity?… a productivity miracle?… the one piece of office furniture you MUST own?

I actually don’t think any of the above are true.

Sit, stand, walk, get inverted. The real answer is to do it all and embrace change!

Constant change in our work environment will spark creativity, improve memory retention, and increase productivity. And yes, there are benefits to standing over sitting. We can all relate to the tired neck and sore lower back associated with working at a desk & sitting too long.

The answer is not “stand up while you work.” No, it is deeper than that. If you want to create change that is sustainable and leads to you becoming a more productive person long term, then you must create new healthy habits. Standing, occasionally, during work is just another tool we can practice on our path to health and happiness. Other healthy habits include:

  • Go for a walk & get some sun!

  • Stretch

  • Meditate

  • Get comfy

  • Drink water

So, next time you’re in a work rut – don’t think “hmm, I should stand up for a little.”

Rather, think what change can I make in my environment right now? Then, ACT. Do not fall in the same pattern of work monotony. Change something, try something, get some work done, reflect, and keep on moving. This approach works with almost anything in life.

Tiny changes can have remarkable results. James Clear taught us that in his award-winning book Atomic Habits – a fantastic guide to creating habits that last forever.

Give it a read. Then, read it again.



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