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Nourished Leaders Retreat

An estimated 43% of women leaders feel burned out. In different-sex relationships, women do around 65% of the physical household work. In 2022, women earned an average of 82% of what men earned. Women leaders were 60% more likely to provide emotional support to their teams, 24% more likely to ensure their teams' workload is manageable and 26% more likely to help team members navigate work/life challenges.

We know that when women lead, our communities thrive. Yet it’s no wonder so many of us don’t desire or feel worthy of leadership roles in a world that treats us like this. But you are inherently worthy of nourishment - mind, body, and soul.

It’s time to create a new women’s leadership paradigm. The old paradigm has us burning out, shying away from promotions and pay raises, resisting more responsibility, hiding from exposure and visibility opportunities, apologizing for success, taking on everyone else’s emotional labor, and pushing through, even when our bodies tell us to slow down.

The new paradigm is one where you get to feel resourced, where you fill your cup so you can serve from the overflow, where you expand your nervous system to hold more success, wealth, opportunities, and pleasure. In the new paradigm, you set clear, firm, compassionate boundaries. Imagine communicating clearly and directly, trusting your intuition and making decisions more easily, receiving more pleasure, ease, and opportunities, delegating and staying in your zone of genius, saying goodbye to overwhelm, and sitting back and letting your systems work for you.

It’s all possible when you begin to live out internalized self-worth as external sovereignty - in your career, business, and leadership. You not only nourish yourself mind, body, and soul - you set and hold boundaries in every area of your life to uphold that sense of self-worth. In other words, you ACT like you’re worthy.

That’s true leadership: living a sovereign life - free from the expectations of others. We all came here to live our best lives, not someone else’s! Designing and stepping into your sovereign life is the most impactful leadership you can model to others. You’re not telling them to copy your life, you’re inviting them to dig deep and design their own from a place of authenticity and intention.

If you’re ready for more self-trust, less waffling; more clear, direct communication, less apologizing; more firm boundaries, less wishy-washy maybes; more nervous system expansion to hold your manifestations, less shut down - join leadership coach Ellen Gilbert for the Nourished Leaders Retreat in Alexandria, Virginia on Saturday, September 23rd!

Through tried and true embodiment techniques, intuitive strategy, leadership coaching, and sacred ceremony - you will leave feeling resourced and expanded to bring your visions into the 3D realm while living your most sovereign life!

We will gather on the fall equinox for this daylong intimate experience. You will receive nourishing meals, a feminine yoga flow, hands on fascia energy work, sacred feminine ceremony, and group coaching. Only 3 spots remain - book yours today!

Written by - Ellen Gilbert, Women's Leadership Coach


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