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How to go with the flow (literally)

I've wasted so much time & energy letting my hormones control me that I really wanted to find out how I can leverage the different phases of my cycle to my advantage.

Being in tune and knowing what's going on inside of me has helped me in many ways. I'm more gentle with myself during wind down times and can schedule my meetings when I'm a social butterfly!

I'm sharing everything I've learned from my research with a couple different online sources and hope it will help you understand your body, feelings, and behaviors a little more. We'll go over the 4 phases: Follicular, Ovulation, Luteal, Menstruation and how to make the most out of each. Let's dive in!

Creative Superstar

Follicular Phase day 6-14

The Follicular Phase starts with the first day of your period and is your phase for creative energies.

This is a good time to start new projects at work. Plan the month ahead do some project management. Break out the excel document and plan. Brainstorm with people in meetings. Dream big. Mastermind how you will take over the world.

As your estrogen levels rise during this phase, you should start to feel happier and more energized. The closer you approach ovulation, the higher your energy (and estrogen) levels will be. You’re suddenly feeling driven to take on any challenge.

How to work with this phase:

- Take advantage of your newfound energy and get to work on your creative projects.

- The brain fog has lifted and you’re ready for those more complex tasks.

- High energy CrossFit or spin class? Yes please!

- Want to try something new? – it’s time to go for it.

Social Butterfly

Ovulatory Phase day 15-17

This is where a matured egg is released from one of your ovaries and begins to travel down the fallopian tube towards the uterus. It usually lasts for only 24 hours, but the high estrogen and testosterone levels mean you can make the most of it for 3 to 4 days of your cycle.

The hormonal peak of testosterone gives you an outward-focused energy, while the estrogen peak makes you feel energetic and proactive. Communication and collaboration skills are at the highest of all month. Think go-getter, social butterfly. You are a magnet.

How to work with this phase:

- This is a great time to schedule important meetings and tough decisions.

- It’s an extroverted time for most women, making it ideal for working with groups of people.

- Got a big project coming up at work? Now’s the perfect time to take it on.

- Schedule that first date in this phase, and thank your hormones later.


Luteal Phase day 18-28

The luteal phase can be bitey and the end of this phase is associated with PMS. Use the energy and don’t let it use you. This as a natural winding-down time.

Your body is preparing to bleed. Your estrogen levels will start to fall as your progesterone rises (progesterone makes you look inward and focus on your innermost self).

Your mind will be a little slower, and productivity levels are low. Wrap up projects, bring things to completion, and leverage the enhanced concentration & creativity during this time. Embrace the introverted feeling and point your thoughts towards self-reflection. It’s also a good time to choose language more carefully. This phase tends to last anywhere from 12 to 14 days.

How to work with this phase:

- Prioritize self-care.

- Lighten your workload if possible.

- Use this time for simpler tasks requiring less active brainpower, such as editing your work or catching up on admin.

- If you wake up feeling tired, try to avoid pushing yourself too hard with work, chores or exercise.

- Prioritize good sleep. Aim to go to bed and wake up at the same time each night.

- Try relaxation techniques like guided breathing, meditation, yoga and warm baths.

- Do your exercises! You may not want to but exercise can boost your energy levels, so don’t skip it altogether – instead, swap out strenuous exercise for something gentler, like swimming or yoga.

- Eat regularly. Rather than having three main meals a day, you might find that eating several small meals and healthy snacks keeps you more sustained and energetic.

- Don’t rely on caffeine. When you feel tired, avoid overdoing the coffee and tea – this can actually disrupt your sleep and make you feel more tired.

Intuition and Reflection

Menstruation day 1-5

You are able to access the analytical and intuitive reasoning. It's time to course correct, evaluate, listen to that gut feeling.

Reflect on the past month. How was your performance? How are you getting along with your colleagues? Are you working on the projects you care about? Is your job going in the direction you want it to? How are you thinking and feeling about your business as a whole? What are the big changes you need to make to stay happy and successful in your job and career?

During this phase of your cycle, your hormones are lying low and this can make being productive and getting things done tough with energy and focus out the window.

How to work with this phase:

- Don’t fill up your calendar— give yourself space to rest.

- Schedule time for self-care.

- You might not feel very social – skip the night out.

- Get an early night.

- Book a yin yoga class over that HIIT session.

- Be gentle with yourself if you move at a slower pace than usual.

Share this blog with your bestie and comment with anything you've learned about cycle tracking. We're better together :D

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